Consent for publication

The Corporate Historical Archive of ŠKODA AUTO is granting you permission to use the photographs and documents contained herein, the originals of which are stored in our archives. This permission is granted with the prerequisite that the source of the materials is duly stated: The Corporate Historical Archive of ŠKODA AUTO.

“The materials must not be modified in any way (except for brightness and contrast corrections) and may be used in an adequate manner for press, internet, film, radio and television reporting and publishing purposes without any limitations of time or place. Such use must not be in conflict with the legitimate interests of ŠKODA AUTO a.s.”

We must also point out that although ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is not aware of any legal claim from third parties, it cannot assume copyrights to the respective photographs. Therefore, any potential claims for compensation or claims placed by third parties against ŠKODA AUTO are hereby ruled out.​