ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme - Strong Compact SUV with Rally Ambition

ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme - Strong Compact SUV with Rally Ambition

  •  Rugged concept ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme presented at the GTI tuning event at Wörthersee
  •  Design highlights: matt-grey bodywork, 17-inch alloys, tinted windows, powerful bumpers, LED lights, striking fenders, strong sills, wide twin exhausts; the interior kitted out with rally equipment
  •  Technology: 1.8 TSI all-wheel drive and DSG; height-adjustable chassis and Octavia RS brakes

ŠKODA’s Yeti Xtreme is a strong compact SUV with rally ambition. It was well received at the GTI tuning event at Wörthersee, during its world premiere. This powerful concept car combines rugged design with world-class engineering and also demonstrates the brand’s expertise in four-wheel drive technology.

The ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme is a powerful compact SUV concept car. The striking matt-grey Yeti drives up on powerful 17-inch alloy wheels and large off-road tyres. The car features tinted side windows and the roof and wheel rim inserts are set in bright yellow-green. At the front, this muscular car has a powerful bumper and a large air intake, along with LED lights. The height of the chassis can be adjusted in sports mode.

The designers have used selected high-tech materials for various parts in the car’s interior: the inner door covers are made entirely of carbon fibre; a sand shovel and a thermos flask have been integrated into holders fitted in the panelling; the floor panel is made of aluminium.

At the rear, the strong rear bumper bears bear witness to the power and dynamic of the vehicle, as do the throaty twin exhausts, lacking silencers. The boot includes a spare wheel and ‘recovery tracks’ – special traction mats that can be pushed under the wheels in sticky situations.

The car features a 1.8 TSI engine with six-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG). The maximum torque of 250 Nm is achieved between 1500 and 4200 RPM. The Yeti Xtreme also sports the exceptional brakes used in the Octavia RS and height-adjustable suspension.

The interior is also kitted out with rallying equipment. Passengers are seated in four individual Recaro sports seats with integrated four-point safety belts. Other features include the ‘Super Sport’ steering wheel with integrated gearshift paddles. The centre console has been completely re-defined. This is where standard rally car accessories, such as a belt cutter and a fire extinguisher, can be found. An iPad holder is integrated into the dashboard, and a first aid kit can be found in the glove compartment.

The manufacturer has once again demonstrated the versatile potential of its popular compact SUV with the ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme. The ŠKODA Yeti was completely redesigned in 2013 and is now available in two exciting versions for the first time: the ŠKODA Yeti for the city and the adventurous ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor for rough terrain.

The Czech manufacturer celebrated its premiere in the dynamically growing SUV segment with the ŠKODA Yeti in 2009. Around 640,000 ŠKODA Yetis have been sold to date. The brand achieved a market share of more than 4% in the compact SUV segment within the European Union last year, making the Yeti one of the best-selling compact class SUVs in Europe.